Every day, thousands of women workers fight actively to improve the quality of life in our societies, to make it fairer and more equal. Anonymous women, strangers, who do not seek more recognition than they are entitled to. Brave, generous women.
Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters.
Women who want a different world and who know that they can only rely upon themselves to get it. Women who inspire others.
Women like you.

We want to hear your story. You can send your story, photo or simply send a message to Twitter. Because you are not alone. Because you can inspire others.

Because together we can make it happen!

We wait to hear from you.


International Women's Day

Fight for equality, for justice, for a decent life for all women and for all society; this is what we do every day, in each union, in each workplace...and we are proud.

Join our campaign this 8th of March and share with us your pride in your union work. Visit our to Facebook page (@uniequalopportunities), our Instagram account (@uniequal), look for us on Twitter (@uni_women). Share your pictures, use our hashtags and raise your voice!

Together we can make it happen!


Together we can make it happen!