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Christy Hoffman

Christy Hoffman - Deputy General Secretary, UNI Global Union

Without a union voice, women face discrimination in countless ways, big and small. And the right to organise -without fear- is central to women’s equality.

I joined a union when I was 22 years old, in 1978. I had just graduated from college, but as a young woman, there were few jobs available with good pay and benefits.
I knew the important role that unions played as organizations... (read all)

Denise Mcguire - UNI World Women´s President

The great thing about being a unionist is that it’s all about teamwork – so all the achievements are a joint effort

I always believed in fair play and equality and opposed racism and sexism – so union values were very close to my own values. When I first started work there wasn’t a union but I tried to start one. When I changed jobs and there was a union, I joined up and wanted... (read all)

Denise Mcguire
Louise Plaatjies

Louise Plaatjies - UNI Africa Women´s President

Unity is strength no matter in which corner of the world yo work in we feel your pain.

On behalf of the whole of Africa I must say that women are beginning to take up their rightful positions and place.
They are more vocal and they are leading many union activities and community activities. The Decisions Of life programme has given a lot of women in the services sector a... (read all)

Lynn Bue - UNI Americas Women´s President

Women must be part of the strength and brains of the union.

When we had a serious on-going problem in my work place, the union stepped in. The strength and intelligence of the union activists made a deep impression on me. Because of this, I got involved in my local. As I learned labour history and the role of unions in the fight for social justice, my commitment deepened... (read all)

Lynn Bue
Tamami Uda

Tamami Uda - UNI Apro Women´s Committe President.

The Trade Union experience has really broadened my outlook.

I was solicited by a woman senior union officer to become her successor, I thought it would be good to know and experience the union's activities and viewpoints.
During these year I could experience lots of benefits for participating in the union activity. I made many friends through union activities and also the Trade Union experience... (read all)

Arlette Puraye - UNI Europa Women’s International President.

In addition of saying “outrage yourself”, I would say engage!

I received an education based on the importance of sharing values, commitment, and solidarity. Having a decent harmonious life, accomplishment is possible if it is accessible to everybody. It is therefore normal that I have joined the union of the CNE (National Central of the Employees in Belgium) when I was 23 years old... (read all)

Arlette Puraye
Therese Bryant

Therese Bryant - UNI Apro Women´s International President

Unions give workers, including women, a voice. Have your voice heard and make work a better place. The team needs You!

I have a strong sense of fairness and social justice. I became active in the union because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, to ensure that our member’s knew their entitlements and got them, and to improve their lives, especially their... (read all)

Adriana Rosenzvaig - Regional Secretary

Participating in a collective struggle has given me the opportunity to transcend my own individuality, to develop my self-esteem and to join my efforts to those of others in order to demand a world that is fairer and founded on the principle of solidarity.

My father was a trade union leader at the Union of Sales Representatives, and my grandmother’s brother was a typographer in the Union of Graphical... (read all)

Adriana Rosenzvaig
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