Arlette Puraye - CNE Belgium.

In addition of saying “outrage yourself”, I would say engage!

I received an education based on the importance of sharing values, commitment, and solidarity.
Having a decent harmonious life, accomplishment is possible if it is accessible to everybody.

It is therefore normal that I have joined the union of the CNE (National Central of the Employees in Belgium) when I was 23 years old.
I was lucky to begin, some years later, my syndical commitment a symbolic enterprise for the first fight for women with the claim: “For equal work, equal pay” (National Factory in Belgium strike in 1966).

The work was started but far from being completed and I wanted to be part of this work that was still unfinished.

In the world of work, the union is and remains the only organized force that can truly defend the collective interests of women (and men ...)
To join a union, it is first to adhere to values, to take our rightful place to participate collectively and concretely in the work of creating equal opportunities between men and women.

The big projects, the changes, the societies, are never done by only one person. I will say that I fought, within my company and the European Work Council for a balanced representation of women and men.
Within my union, I established in 2003 of our specific group "Actions women CNE):
- The establishment of parity in our various union decision-making bodies.
- Regular meetings of our “women” network in the zone IV UNI EUROPE (Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, France, and Monaco) conference on the subject of: “equality, unfinished mission”
- Involvement on the international contacts and support of solidarity projects.

In addition of saying “outrage yourself”(Stéphane Hessel), I would say engage! Don’t stay any longer on the balcony, the work isn’t done, it may even be put on hold during these times of crisis

We have all got qualities and talents that we can take advantage of in the pursuit of the project of equality between men and women.

We must, at all levels, in our national union organizations, European intersectional instances in, and worldwide, remain vigilant.

It is not too late, but it is time, join us in this formidable challenge and come with us to continue our project because all women together we can.