Cristiane do Nascimento, Sintetel/Fenattel, Brazi

I joined the union in 1993, when I was hired at Telefonica. I worked in the company's head office, where important information circulated first hand.

I always liked to be well informed and I participated in everything I could. However, two years later I was transferred to an office far away from the head office. There, basic information such as salary readjustment, PPR payment, benefits, among others, did not arrive and this bothered me a lot. I would call my friends at the head office to get this information. Then I would pass it on to my coworkers. From then on, they all came to me and I helped them whenever possible. One day a director from SINTETEL, visiting my workplace, asked me if everything was all right. I answered no, because I felt abandoned, I had no information from the company and no information from the union. He then invited me to be a union delegate. From then on, I started to participate in the union meetings and courses. With more knowledge, I started to help my coworkers even more. I am very dedicated and started to see it as a mission. I participated in many events and courses organized by the UNI, including women's training. All this acquired knowledge was essential for my development and even today it contributes to my daily work in the fight in defense of women. In 2008, SINTETEL requested my release and I started to dedicate myself exclusively to union work. In the following election I was elected to the executive board. As a director, I started to participate in collective negotiations and in the decisions of the board. Since 2012 I have been part of the Women's Committee of the Americas, currently I participate in the World Women's Committee and I am as vice-president of women of UNI Americas. In 2016, I was elected the first woman vice-president of SINTETEL after 74 years of the entity's foundation. I currently compose the board of FENATTEL, UGT and SINTETEL in the position of Social Director. I am also responsible for the operators' negotiations, for unionization and for organizing events and union formation. I am very grateful to SINTETEL and to UNI, because they contributed a lot to my personal and professional development and for all the support I always receive. And, finally, I am very grateful to God for being a union member, because every day I have the opportunity to help people and contribute to the construction of a fairer, more egalitarian and fraternal society.