Milagro Pau, AEBU - Uruguay

I started my militancy at the age of 15 as a student activist for the rights of students in the middle of the Uruguayan dictatorship.

When I started working at the age of 17 in the banking union AEBU, I joined several organizations in defense of workers' rights, but my greatest dedication was focused on the issue of discrimination experienced by my female colleagues at work and in society. That is how I became a member of the council of the state banking sector and then the national leadership of my union. In 1992, together with other colleagues, we founded the women's commission, today the gender, equity and diversity commission, and we continue to fight against discrimination and violence in the workplace. My greatest dedication was to the fight for women's rights and will continue to be. I believe that it is a task that we must develop with pride and responsibility for the colleagues who have gone before us and for those who will come. Raising awareness about our role is everyone's task but for that we need to prepare women leaders who can raise the voice of so many women who are silenced every day in all parts of the world. That is my commitment to life.